SmarterVitamins: Brain Health Supplement Supports Brain Function W/ Natural Herbs + Nutrients, Promotes Memory, Focus, Clarity, Mood, Alertness – 90 Plant Based Capsule Brain Pills

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ActivateTM was formulated by SmarterVitamins Corp. to give you a healthy boost of focus using natural earth grown herbs. Our formulas are thoroughly researched to provide an excellent experience.✅ FORMULATED BY SCIENCE: There was lots of research of clinical trials on PubMed with a few others and doctor consulting that went into designing this unique combination of herbs as a natural nootropic.
✅ DAILY BRAIN SUPPORT: This is a daily use brain function supplement.
✅ CLEAN FORMULA: Not manufactured with milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nut, peanut, wheat ingredients, artifical colors, fillers, dyes or preservatives.
✅ 3 BRANDED TRADEMARKED PATENTED INGREDIENTS: We have added award winning popular, TeaCrine®, BioPerine® and AlphaSize®
✅ MADE IN CALIFORNIA: In an FDA, USDA Organic Certified, NSF® Certfied for Sport and Informed-Choice Facility

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