SmarterVitamins: Energy Pills 250mg L-Theanine + 175mg Caffeine – Made W/BioPerine® + GrapeFruit Seed Extract – 60 Plant Based Capsule Pills & Servings

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Focus was formulated by SmarterVitamins Corp. to give you clean, smooth, longer lasting and quicker Energy + Focus. Our formulas are thoroughly researched to provide an excellent experience when it comes to energy and focus supplements and pills. Focus features 250MG of L-theanine to promote focus, 175MG of Green Coffee Bean Extract Caffeine to help with energy, 50MG of Grapefruit Seed Extract to help the caffeine last longer in your body and 5MG of the trademarked ingredient Bioperine which is a form of Black Pepper Extract to help absorb all of it. We’re confident Activate Mini will help you with your energy and focus.✅ BENEFITS: It will vary on person but expect 2-6 hours of clean smooth mental focus, energy and heightened mind alertness without the wired tingling feeling and without the crash of energy drinks and coffee. Perfect Beginner Nootropic Stack for Cognitive Performance
✅ NO CRASH OR JITTERS AND ALL NATURAL: Green Coffee Bean Extract Harvested from CA Farms Provides a Natural Caffeine for Focus, Attention, Energy and Alertness, L Theanine Imported From Green Tea in India, GrapeFruit Seed Helps This Stack Last Longer and BioPerine® Black Pepper Helps Absorption (60 Plant-Based Energy Pills)
✅ NO: Artificial Colors, Ingredients, Fillers, Dyes, Preservatives, China ingredients, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nut, peanut or wheat ingredients. Formula backed by Individual Studies and Science
✅ MADE IN CALIFORNIA: In an FDA, USDA Organic Certified, NSF® Certified for Sport and Informed-Choice Facility
✅ SMARTERVITAMINSTM: We are passionate about manufacturing supplements that are superior in quality in absolutely every aspect – while still being affordable, approachable and available to anyone looking to make a positive impact on their personal health and well being.

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